All consultations and new patient evaluations require a referral from a Health Care Provider. This referral may be generated from your primary care physician, specialist physician, chiropractic physician, urgent care, emergency department, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, physical therapist, or psychologist. We also appreciate the referral of our patients’ friends and family. This does not require a referral from another Health Care Provider unless required by the insurance company.

Continuity of Care

All patients will be evaluated, a diagnosis will be provided and a treatment plan will be formulated. The patient will be maintained in our practice until their condition improves and treatment is no longer necessary. Referrals are made to other specialists when indicated.

Once you are a patient of Capital City Paincare, you are always our patient. If you develop a new painful condition or re-exacerbation of your previous condition, you may call and schedule an office appointment. You do not need a new referral unless your insurance changes and it is required by your new insurance company. Our staff will coordinate with your primary care physician any required prior authorizations.


Capital City Paincare does not accept patients that reside out of state, or are unable to produce an Ohio drivers license or state identification card. If you live out of state, we will provide medical care but will not prescribe narcotics or other controlled medication. We do not prescribe high dose Oxycontin or high doses of other narcotics. We firmly believe that high dose narcotics prevent the return of functionality and gainful employment. It is detrimental to the health and wellness of the patient and the community at large. If you are searching for a provider for high dose narcotic management, we are not that practice. If you are addicted to high dose narcotics, please visit

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