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Narcotic Policy for New Patients

Capital City Paincare verifies every patient’s controlled substance prescription history via the Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System for every office visit. If you are frequenting multiple providers simultaneously and obtaining prescriptions for multiple controlled medications, we will not prescribe to you. It is against the law.
If you are referred to Capital City Paincare for evaluation for narcotic management, in order for us to prescribe, we require objective testing supporting the diagnosis and a record of non-narcotic treatments that have been tried and failed. If we lack the data to make an informed decision, we may not be able to recommend or assume narcotic management on your initial evaluation. We will make every effort to obtain your records, will order the necessary testing and will schedule you for a follow up appointment.

Capital City Paincare requires all patients submit urine samples for toxicology with GCS confirmation. The Drug Enforcement Agency continues to list Marijuana as a Schedule One substance.  Capital City Paincare will not prescribe opioids to patients obtaining marijuana illegally.  If you wish to use marijuana for your chronic condition, you will need to register for the State of Ohio Medical Marijuana Card.  Please go to for further information.
If you have been dismissed from another pain management practice for failed urine toxicology testing, failure to present for a random pill count or for non-compliance, Capital City Paincare will not provide narcotic management.